Deadly Act and A Deadly Act by Adam Lapid

a deadly act

In Deadly Act, Kylie Hatfield is a private investigator whose case is the disappearance of her best friend Jessica Hatfield in the summer of 2007. The evidence points to a dangerous serial killer. Everyone warns Kylie to stay away from the case, but she is determined to become a full-time private investigator. As her case draws closer to its conclusion, she finds herself paired with a sexy ex-soldier and his nutty Newfoundland, Vader. As her job becomes more complicated, she also finds herself facing the unexpected killer. Deadly Act is both romantic and chilling, and is an excellent choice for fans of the crime genre.

Adam Lapid’s A Deadly Act

In Adam Lapid’s A Deadly Act, a former police detective finds himself in an even more dangerous situation. Once a Polish police detective, Adam now finds himself in the gas chambers of Auschwitz. His family and friends were murdered, and he is struggling to survive and find a reason to live. But when a young boy goes missing in the extermination camps, Adam is given a second chance to prove himself. With his life on the line, he must solve the murder mystery before he meets his death.

Adam Lapid, a Holocaust survivor, is the hero of this story. After losing his family in the concentration camps, he now solves cases that police won’t touch. In A Deadly Act, he tries to solve the murder of a missing boy and is hired by a distraught mother to do so. Despite the fact that the case involves a double murder, he can’t refuse the job.

Kylie Hatfield

Kylie Hatfield is a young woman who works as an assistant to a private investigator at Starr Investigations. However, she has not yet been licensed to conduct investigations, which leads to confusion among potential clients. She travels with her large dog Vader, which she often includes in her investigations.

Kylie becomes concerned when she learns Jessica may have links to a serial killer. Her boss and the police start to worry about her, and even ex-soldier Linc Coulter tries to get her to drop the case.

Paul Fox

The case surrounding Kevin Fox’s murder is one of the most bizarre and gruesome in recent history. The father of a three-year-old girl, Fox was charged with the murder of his three-year-old daughter, Riley. The investigation has been plagued by unanswered questions, with no real leads. NBC 5 and a Hinsdale-based polygraph expert not being available. This, of course, has forced police to rely on another, less experienced detective who has only conducted 90 tests.

The Auschwitz Detective

The Auschwitz Detective investigates a gruesome act in a death camp. Its plot revolves around an imprisoned prisoner and his mission to find the culprit. While this is a compelling thriller, it is also a disturbing look at what happened to the victims. Although the novel is not explicitly about the Holocaust, it is based on a real case, and the author does use historical accounts to give context to the events.

In the prequel to this series, the author introduces the character of Adam Lapid, a former Hungarian police detective and Holocaust survivor. The novel is set at the end of World War II and the author uses this period to explore the psychological scars of war. Adam Lapid’s stories are filled with twists and challenges unique to the genre.