The Burden of Road Traffic Injuries and Fatalities

Traffic accident death

Approximately 1.2 million people die each year in road traffic accidents in the world. It is estimated that 90% of the burden of road traffic injuries and fatalities occur in low and middle-income countries. The most common types of victims of road traffic accidents are passengers, pedestrians and motorcyclists. These injuries may cause injuries such as bodily pain, shocks and expenses for medical care and transportation.

In the United States, more than 32 000 people die each year in road traffic accidents. These deaths are associated with low income, poor neighborhood conditions and blue collar occupation. The US National Health Interview Survey reported that there was a correlation between motor vehicle deaths and neighborhood poverty. It also showed that the probability of dying in a road traffic accident increased with age, gender, and blue collar occupation. Approximately 50 million people are injured in road traffic accidents each year. The World Health Organization estimated that road traffic accident death rates would increase by 67% by the year 2020.

The risk of dying in road traffic accidents increased by six times for occupants of vehicles that crashed head-on. This increased risk was significantly higher than the risk of death due to head-on collisions or crashes with fixed objects. It was also found that the risk of dying in a road traffic accident increased by five to seven times for occupants of vehicles that were ejected. It was also found that drivers involved in road traffic accidents were more likely to have consumed alcohol or drug before the accident.

There are many reasons for the increased burden of road traffic injuries and fatalities in low and middle income countries. Increasing motorization and urbanization are two major factors. In Ethiopia, the national road traffic accident fatality rate is 22%. The highest rate of deaths is found among young adults ages 25-34 years.

The US National Health Interview Survey showed that the number of people dying in motor vehicle accidents is associated with low education and neighborhood poverty. Road traffic accidents are also more likely to happen in urban areas, as drivers are more likely to drive at high speeds.

In developing countries, road traffic injuries affect both passengers and cyclists. The highest rate of road traffic accident deaths in developing countries occurs in countries with low per capita income. Developing countries also have a higher rate of pedestrian deaths, as pedestrians are more vulnerable to accidents.

Kenya’s National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) is the body responsible for transport oversight and safety. The NTSA collects and disseminates data on road traffic accidents on a daily basis. The data is then broken down into monthly entries. The analysis of the data shows that the highest rates of fatal accidents are found in Nairobi County and Nakuru County. The rates of fatal accidents in these counties are higher than those in Kiambu County, Kakamega County, and Machakos County. The rates of injuries are higher in Kakamega County, Nairobi County, and Kiambu County.