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About FRD


The Fulton River District Association (FRDA) is a community organization established to foster a clean, safe and friendly Chicago neighborhood located on the West Bank of the Chicago River at Wolf Point. The FRDA will strive to build a bridge of mutual respect and understanding between residents and businesses to preserve and enhance the unique contribution that each makes to the distinctive character of the Fulton River District.

To further these ends, the FRDA pledges to encourage development, to promote the attractiveness and utility of the neighborhood and to cultivate a sense of community among its residents. Lastly, the FRDA pledges to nurture the developing identity of the Fulton River District.


In late 1999, several residents from the Fulton River District created a new community organization to influence the development of the neighborhood. In March 2000, the FRDA received its not-for-profit corporate charter from the Secretary of State of Illinois.

FRDA Directors serve two year terms. The terms are staggered. In even years, four directors are elected and in odd years five directors are elected. This helps to ensure continuity on the board. Elections are held every fall.

FRDA hosts public meetings to inform area residents of neighborhood developments. Some of the events the FRDA sponsors include “Clean and Green Day” in the Spring and Fall, neighborhood get-togethers, and the Annual Meeting.


Email us at with any questions or requests you may have, and someone will get back to you.