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Best Healthy Restaurants in Chicago

Best Healthy Restaurants in Chicago

Chicago has a very strong bond with the likes of beef sandwiches, and hot dogs, but that does not mean you can’t find some healthy restaurants that offer delicious and accessible meals for the health-conscious people. Based on customer reviews and opinions, here are some of the best healthy restaurants in Chicago that are worth trying out;

#1: The Sweetgreen Restaurant

This perhaps is one of the finest health-conscious restaurants that will blow your mind. It is ideal for those who count calories on daily basis. The “Sabzi” is one of the low-calorie meals you can eat here as it only provides roughly 440 calories and it combines some fresh and captivating baby spinach with kale(shredded), as well as other body-friendly ingredients like broccoli, beets, carrots, basil, and chili. If you prefer a heartier meal, you may want to consider the organic bowl of wild rice, mixed with sweet potato, chicken, almonds and goat cheese.

#2: The E.M.A

If you understand the health benefits of Mediterranean diets, then you will definitely want to try this restaurant, located in the heart of Illinois, Chicago. The dishes here are very healthy and they come with big flavors too. You can check out the low calorie Grilled chicken kebabs, or the refreshing frozen Greek yogurt with some sprinkled sea salt on top.

#3: The Green Zebra restaurant

The Green Zebra is considered as one of the best healthy restaurants in Chicago by permanent vegetarians who will do anything to stick with their regulated food components. It is an upscale restaurant that will help protect your waistline and its prices may be a little higher than the rest. The restaurant has a certified five-course chef who provides delicious and nutritious vegetarian menus such as; Scallion greens, and Squash Risotto, just to mention a few.

#4: The Aloha Poke company

This has been certified by celebrities in and around the country as one of the best healthy restaurants in Chicago. One nutritious meal everyone likes to eat here is the “Aioli”, a spicy but nutritious meal. You may also try out the brown rice mixed with several green veggies, or the special Salmon diet that is blessed with nutritious components such as seaweed, cucumber, sesame oil, and avocado.
Chicago is blessed with several other health-conscious restaurants, it all depends on how well you want to explore the inner cities and towns, aside from the downtown Illinois.

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