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Unique Restaurants Chicago

Unique Restaurants Chicago

Most of the distinctive dining cafés in Chicago provides a feast understanding that makes their customers sort through the business district. These unique bistros provide purely inimitable marks some of which are exemplary and are greatly known for offering worldwide food stuffs.

El Ideas

el ideas restaurantThis is the bistro in Chicago at the moment. This café is located in Douglas Park in Chicago and presents a scale of area combined with familiarity of all kinds of foodstuffs. It is suited with a tang menu-only which is a 24- settle café and scales to the Kitchen encourage the visitors to some communications with the cooks as they cook the customers’ preferred American foodstuffs like French fries coupled with ice-cream which is a combination of fluid nitrogen –kissed food stuff mainly made of potato, Leek along with vanilla. It may as well contain Wagyu-beet mixed with dill and tart cream. It is surrounded by several analogous cafes such as Jarabe Mexican Street Food, Don’s Grill, Ferrara Bakery, Crazy Bird Chicken, Parkview Restaurant Grill and The Jam House.


This is a Filipino smolder cottage offering scrumptious combination of American roast coupled with the Asian reassure food in a comfy Irving Park area. Smalls provides strange cookery, a snug environment and the unsurpassed food stuffs in Chicago. Some of the cafes around this amazing cooked food stuff provider includes but not limited Tano’s Pizzeria, Olga’s Delicatessen, D’Candela, Arun’s, El Potosi and the French Kitchen.


roasted pigThis unique café contains fireplaces estimated to sum up to 20. This makes the place more unique the kind of services it provides. Some of the services it offers to the customers includes traditionally made brews which comes by season and are prepared to suit ice-taps. It also provides meat menu which is more often than not characterized by sausages, steaks and all types of animal service. For the purpose of making their customers lively at all time, this amazing café has TVs screens. It also has its own beer backyard. Some of the facilities around it includes Evil Olive, The Bedford, The Chip Inn, Scone City, Estate Ultra Bar, and Beauty Bar.


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